Legislative Affairs & Government Relations

The Firm’s work in this area draws on its members’ unique knowledge of local affairs and issues and the Firm’s extensive experience with local government and policy making. Members of the Firm have sat on advisory boards placed with the task of formulating policy and making recommendations to Government on matters that range from proposals for constitutional amendments to strata title legislation.

Members of the Firm leverage their experience and knowledge to fashion public policy arguments and to discretely fashion legislative solutions that satisfy a client’s needs.

The Firm communicates with Ministers, Members of Legislative Council, and key policy makers in Government Departments to effectively promote a client’s interests. We have particularly strong ties with members of Legislative Council on both sides of the bench and with government staff who exert influence over policy making. Our success reflects a thorough understanding of the political process, our regulatory expertise, and a demonstrated commitment to developing constructive approaches to resolving a client’s problems. The Firm monitors trends in Legislative Council which provides clients with timely information on evolving government policies that may have an adverse or beneficial impact on their businesses. During the initial stages of policy formulation or legislative drafting it is possible to effect change or involve others in the process to protect a client’s interests. Monitoring of policy and intervention is generally the most cost effective way to deal with issues before they become legislative problems.

The Firm has extensive experience in developing effective lobbying strategies and preparing briefing materials for use by legislators, review committees, and departments. Other areas of expertise include drafting of correspondence for legislators and statements on Bills or papers, or policy positions, for delivery by legislators.

The Firm arranges meetings with high-level government or legislative leaders and helps to ensure a productive meeting by laying the groundwork by working with clients to formulate powerful arguments.