East Bay Resort

The Firm was retained to advise and represent a purchaser after the initial developer went bankrupt. The Firm advised the purchaser and subsequent developer on the acquisition of a partly completed structure under a Charging Order. Our representation included advising on the acquisition of the development site, securing the transfer of title to the development site, advising on the most efficient structure to undertake the development, establishing entities to undertake a resort development, advising on existing planning permissions and building permits, negotiating and securing the renewal of building permits, negotiating a Development Agreement with Government, assisting with Planning Submissions, advising on non-traditional short term financing to meet cash flow needs, drafting or reviewing Architectural, drafting standard Sale and Purchase Contracts and documentation, drafting and advising on employment contracts, and dealing with employment disputes and claims.

Regulatory requirements

We advise on business licensing obligations, work permits, national insurance, health and safety, and physical planning obligations.

The Development Agreement

We undertook all negotiations with Government regarding the reduction of import duties, permanent residency certificates, work permit assurances, and negotiating the acquisition of additional land necessary for a marina.