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SAUNDERS & CO is one of the leading Turks & Caicos Islands law firms, offering a full range of legal services to local and international clients.

We advise TCI’s leading institutions, businesses, and individuals on their most important transactions. All of our work is of the highest quality and delivered to the most exacting standards. Clients come to us because we consistently deliver results. We have attracted, and retained, TCI’s most demanding clients.


"I did enjoy working with you on this project. I feel at times that I earned a Masters, if not a PhD, in TCI politics from you. You are a great teacher. It was at sometimes a frustrating, but always a fascinating degree."

- John Hilfinger, AT&T Wireless Inc.

"There is a word in Yiddish that I would like to bestow upon your firm. The word is "Mentschlekhkeyt". To be a mensch is to be of the highest caliber. It is reserved for people who walk in God's righteous path of kindness, honor, decency and charity (tikkun olam). It is reserved for special people, and it is the highest complement a Jew can pay to another."

- Sondra Rubin, Property Client

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